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For Young Mother: 6 Tips of Breastfeeding

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A mother’s milk is commonly recommended to be the best food for a newborn baby. No matter what development of the medical therapies and technologies, nothing can be changed for milk from a mother. For this reason, you should breastfeed your baby instead of feeding him with others. Do you get enough knowledge in breastfeeding methods?

It is not easy for you at all to breastfeed him in right ways if you don’t accumulate the experience of nursing him at your breast. Here are some of the most useful suggestions for you to ensure a successful breastfeeding relationship with your new baby:

1. Nurse your baby at your breast as early and often as possible! New milk of a mother is acknowledged to contain plentiful antibody and antibiotic substances good for a baby’s health. According to doctors and health experts, you ought to breastfeed him as soon as he is born. Don’t wait until your breasts are engorged and the baby is crying. Instead, breastfeed him at least every 2-3 hours. In the first month, you are advised to let him be breastfed more. It is not only advantageous to your newborn baby but also to your breast health. Your breasts can avoid being extremely swollen and painful.

2. Keep your nipples dry! Don’t misunderstand that washing the nipples with soap and water will eliminate your nipples from getting cracked. On the contrary, it will further exacerbate this problem. In the case that your nipples is especially cracked, please use a moisturizer. For instance, you can use 100% lanolin to the nipples area after feeding your baby. Besides, a supportive nursing method can help to keep your breasts cozy and dry during this time with comfortable and nursing pads.

3. Feel comfortable and relaxed while breastfeeding your baby! You are able to use a suitable pillow or a proper latch on to support. Don’t wear bras and tight-fitting clothing, especially in the first few weeks after delivering. Looking for a comfortable breastfeeding position is an additionally good idea for you in the hope of avoiding getting weary while nursing.

4. Avoid artificial nipples! Except for some certain particular circumstances in which you are busy carrying out your job duties, for example, and cannot go home to nurse your baby, you shouldn’t breastfeed him with artificial nipples. It is not only good for your baby’s health but also not ensuring a successful breastfeeding relationship with your new baby.

5. Try to eat and drink moderately! Don’t forget to take a rest as well! In this breastfeeding time, you need more energy not just for yourself but for your baby as well.

6. Listen to the other mothers and doctors’ advice! It is advisable for you to ask the others for advice or support during the breastfeeding time. You are capable of learning new useful experiences in order that your baby is given the best care from his loved mother. Moreover, if you experience pain during breastfeeding, seek assistance or take medications from your doctor or a Lactation Consultant.

As a young mother, you had better to get aware of all the above knowledge to make sure that all the best you do are for your lovely baby. Do nurse your baby at your breast with these beneficial tips!

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