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What is the E. coli diarrhea?

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E. coli diarhea conceptionE. coli is known as the name of a germ, or bacterium, that is in the digestive tracts camera of animals and humans. There are many kinds of E. coli, and most of them are really harmless. But some can be the cause of bloody diarrhea.

E. coli is spread through out coughing, sneezing, or contacting between an infected person to another people. This virus can be found in the poisoned  food such as undercooked food and drinks etc… People can get this virus because of not washing his or her hands after a bowel movement and then touching other objects or someone else’s hands etc…

Its signs and symptoms often happens after being infected from 24 hour to 72 hours. You can easily recognize it through out these signs such as: Fever, gas, loss of appetite, Stomach cramping, nausea and vomiting (rare) that happen in some people, abdominal cramping, pain or tenderness etc…

Diagnosing this disease often prefom by moticing its signs and symptoms. If it is complicated you will have a sample of stool to check out if you get E. coli or not.

Treating E. coli is often carried out to relieve its signs and avoid dehydration that is mainly prefomred at home. Preventing it is really simple. You need to have a good hygiene and only eat cooked food.

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