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How to treat your dyeing hair?

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Your hair is dyeing by impact of harsh chemical like perms, relaxers and bleaches. The damages are seen by the cuticles of your hair strands to swell. A damaged hair affects how other see you and how you see yourself negatively as well.

It is right time to treat your hair fairly and carefully. Your should attach closely the importance of a well cared hair: nurtured, strengthened, restored and moisturized.

A healthy beautiful hair may grace a lady

When your hair shows the signs of dyeing by the influences of chemicals, the restricted rules are:

  • do not change hair color too often, no more than 1 time per month, unless you want to disrupt your hair structure.
  • take seriously hair expert’s consults when you are intending to carry out more than three tones lighting.
  • do not do coloring and perm at the same time. They should be separated a specific time period.
  • minimize or cancel if possible, the use of crisper and hairdryer which only make your hair more dry and easily broken.  When drying hair, keep in the cold air and use thermal protective means for setting.
  • wash hair with shampoo no earlier than 3 days after dyeing.

While many woman spend much time and money on maintaining dyed hair in good condition, you can choose some very economically home remedies with some ingredients available in your fridge.

The first popular method ever known is applying honey and egg mixture to your rinsed hair, leave it on for ten minutes and rinse with cold water. Job’s well done and you need devotes once a week for this treatment.

An other remedy is applying mayonnaise to your hair before bed. Keep your hair covered in mayonnaise all night and wash as usual in the morning. Your hair would be gradually improved without wasting too much time and costs.

At the same time, it is undeniable the help of proven products for damaged hair treatment. The most effective products will not only moisturize the surface but also penetrate the core of each hair strand and replenish it from the inside out. Take advices from experts when you are considering for a brand name.

Damaged or unhealthy hair is easily broken. Therefore, a wide-toothed comb to limit hair breakage is essential. And Don’t ever brush wet or damp hair!

One more notice, that is keep your hair from direct contact with sunlight for a long time as the UV is one of the factor damage hair most.

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