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Gastroenteritis Overview

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GastroenteritisGastroenteritis is known with many different names such as Infectious diarrhea, bacterial gastroenteritis or acute gastroenteritis, gastroenteritis, bacterial. Gastroenteritis is inflammation of the stomach and intestines triggered by bacteria.

Bacterial gastroenteritis can affect one person or a group of people who all ate the same contaminated food. It more commonly happens after eating at picnics, school cafeterias, large social functions, or restaurants. Read more about Gastroenteritis Symptoms & Signs, Diagnosis & Tests.

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Many different types of bacteria can cause bacterial gastroenteritis, including:

  •        Campylobacter jejuni
  •        Clostridium
  •        E. coli
  •        Salmonella
  •        Shigella
  •        Staphylococcus
  •        Yersinia

Read more about cause of gastroenteritis.

The germs may get into the food you eat (called contamination) in different ways:

  •        Meat or poultry may come into contact with the normal bacteria from the intestines of an animal being processed.
  •        Water that is used during growing or shipping may contain manure or human waste.
  •        Food handling or preparation in grocery stores, restaurants, or homes.

There’s often no specific medical treatment for viral gastroenteritis. Antibiotics aren’t effective against viruses, and overusing them can contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Read more about Bacterial gastroenteritis treatment

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